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Today, it tastes more or less the same wherever you are (normally under the table, very full). When Sargent worked at Simpson’s in the Strand they used to use several cases of the stuff.Currents, raisins, sultanas and prunes go in first. “Lovely puddings.” Mix it up, ideally the night before cooking to give the fruit time to soak up the alcohol. “It’s worth investing in good quality ingredients,” says Sargent.

Inspired by rising sales of everything from whisks to wooden spoons, it is offering cooking classes this Saturday in its Liverpool and east London branches.

Earlier this week, I went to the Westfield shopping centre, in Stratford, for a sneak preview.

An uncooked Christmas pudding requires rather longer than three minutes in a microwave.

Four hours in a steamer should do it, although Sargent prefers a bit longer.

Schwartz and Moses executive produce alongside Gary Sanchez Productions' Ferrell, Mc Kay and Kevin Messick.


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