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However, if you wish to pursue an infringement lawsuit you will first need to register your work with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. Do not just ‘right click/save’ and put it on your website or blog or other social media platform or even use it on print materials.

(I will not discuss this process here, that’s for another day.) Can I Use Photos or Images from the Internet? If you can find the source of the image you can then determine if they grant a license, such as creative commons, or offer it in the public domain.

Of course, there are exceptions, but generally, the photographer owns the copyright.

This is actually very important to know should you ever hand your camera to someone else to take a photo.

There is often a misconception that you have to ‘do something’ to get a copyright. And no, you don’t have to mail yourself a copy (often referred to as the “poor man’s copyright”).